Begonia vittariifolia

This begonia was described by botanist Nicolas Hallé (Francis elder brother) in 1972. Other publications by botanist Marc Sosef also mention it (1994, 2009).

This is a rare begonia, endemic to Gabon. It is found only in the Monts de Cristal and Massif du Chaillu, in primary forest, at altitudes of between 350 and 1,000 m. One of its sites (photo 1) was unfortunately destroyed when a trail was widened...

This rhizomatous plant grows in group, in small clumps. These are found fixed to vertical rock faces or rocks on the edge of streams, preferably in the shade.

Leaves can be up to 20 cm long. The red petiole is cylindrical. The linear limb is symmetrical, with a slightly toothed margin. Flowers are yellow, as with many African begonias.

Grow in a terrarium, on an oblique or vertical support, at a temperature of 20°C to 30°C, with high humidity and permanent shade.