The AFABEGO seed fund

The AFABEGO Seed Fund offers 214 (and counting) begonia species seeds.
The list of available seeds is constantly updated. These are commonly asked questions:

Who can order seeds?

  • All AFABEGO members who have paid one year subscription can order seeds.
  • The order form can be downloaded on this website.
  • There is an additions fee from €3 to €10 per bag ordered.

How long do seeds last?

  • Seeds can be preserved for 5 years if kept refrigerated, however the germinal power reduces each year.
  • Seeds preserved in the freezer can last longer than the refrigerator.

Who are the donors?

  • Main donors: The Rochefort Begonia Conservatory and the Lyon Botanical Garden.
  • AFABEGO members.
  • Foreign private sellers.
  • International begonia associations such as American Begonia Society


  • Seeds will only be accepted by AFABEGO if the identity is known.
  • We only accept species seed, hybrids are not accepted.
  • Wait till the fruits are ripe before harvest them (they are dry and brown (see the photo 2) ; we must get them from the plant ; if a fruit falls, it means the seeds are not good.

How do I pollinate my begonias?

  • The stamens must be ripe. Meaning they must actively release pollen. To check, you can lightly rub your finger across the stamen and if its yellow, it is ready. This typically takes at least 24 hours after the flower has opened.
  • The female flowers must be receptive. This is typically 24-48 hours after a female flower opens.
  • The most accurate pollination is done by manually. This avoids hybridization.
  • Labeling is essential. Mark the female flower with the pollination date.
  • Repeat pollination up to three separate times. With some species, staminate flowers bloom before or after pistillate ones; so self-fertilization is impossible.
  • The fertilization is successful if the tepals of the pistillate flower fall, and the ovary curves down or upwards towards the plant.
  • For better genetics you can use two male flowers of the same species on separate plants. Plants must be the same species.
  • Storing male pollen can be done using an airtight vessel, and a refrigerator/freezer. Remove a male flower and allow it to dry out. Then store it in a plastic bag (or equivelent) and place into the refrigerator until ready to pollinate.

How do I preserve seeds?

  • Allow the fruit to dry completely in an open container (up to two weeks).
  • Once the ovary starts to dry out completely, it can be removed with a scissor.
  • Open the seed pod to access the seed. Harvest the seeds over a paper bag as not to loose any.
  • Label the bag with the species name and harvest date.
  • Put the bags in a hermetically box and keep refrigerated.
  • Seal bag and place in the refrigerator for storage. You can also keep in freezer (-18°C = 0°F).

Liste sur le site de l’AFABEGO

  • La liste des graines proposées dans la banque de graines du site de l’AFABEGO est remise à jour dès que certaines sont épuisées ou au contraire, quand les graines de nouvelles espèces sont données.
  • The date of the last updating is always show.

And then ?

  • See the cultivation guide for more information.
  • Donors would like have news about your sowing, success or failure. Thank you !