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Order seeds from AFABEGO

The AFABEGO can not guarantee the germination of seeds ordered. This is for many reasons including improper seed storage, non-viable seed, expired seed, improperly sown seed, etc. We rely on the integrity of our donors for seed identification and storage, and some mistakes may happen in spite of best intentions.

You can download the list of available seeds.

Seed prices range from €3 to €10 per bag. Price includes shipping, bags and envelopes. All orders must be paid in full. Orders are processed in the order in which they are received. Due to the rarity of some species, not every request can be fulfilled.

You can download the order form.

Send order to:

  • By post box to the address:

          AFABEGO – Service des graines

          Chantal BEREAU

          17 rue du grand logis

          17870 Breuil Magné

  • By email to the address: