Begonia retinervia

This rhizomatous begonia is from China. It is located in the karstic zones of Guangxi. It grows on limestone slopes (at an altitude of 200 to 600 m).

Its leaves, with a reddish petiole, have a suborbicular limb cordate at the base and more or less acuminate at the apex. The latter has a denticulated and ciliated margin, its surface is rough and covered with short hairs. Between the veins, green, one can observe darker brown zones (reddish on he lower face). Along the main veins, the limb is punctuated with small white spots more or less numerous.

B. retinervia flowers generously from August to October-November and produces triwinged fruits.

Place it in a terrarium or greenhouse, and let the substrate dry up partially between waterings. Excessive moisture at the roots is not good for it.