Begonia prismatocarpa

W. J. Hooker
(prismatocarpa : prism-shaped fruit)

This small West African begonia is found in Equatorial Guinea, Ivory Coast and Cameroon.
Inhabiting primary, secondary or transitional forests, it grows at altitudes ranging from 150 to 1,200 m. It can be land plant, growing on rocks, often on the edge of streams, or as an epiphyte on decaying trees.

Small rhizomatous plant with yellow flowers, it grows to around 10 cm in height. The rhizome produces thin-stalked leaves, extended by a highly symmetrical blade, acuminate in the upper half and cordate at the base.

Few morphological differences have led botanist M. Sosef to distinguish three subspecies according to location :

    • Begonia prismatocarpa subsp. prismatocarpa in Equatorial Guinea
    • Begonia prismatocarpa subsp. delobata in Western Cameroon
    • Begonia prismatocarpa subsp. petraea in Ivory Coast

An ideal terrarium plant thanks to its small size. Easy to grow, it flowers continuously.