Begonia hirsutula

This central African begonia is widely distributed in Gabon. It is also present in Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo Brazzaville and DRC.

It is found in primary and secondary forests up to 1000 m of altitude. It settles as well on flat ground as on slopes, embankments or rock faces. It likes the edge of the rivers, even in temporarily flooded zones.

Rhizomatous plant being able to reach 25 to 30 cm height. Its very seldom peltate leaves are oval to obovate, the margin is sinuous or create. The base of the limb is rounded to corded on a side and auriculate of the other. Its flowers, most often yellow, can be more rarely white.

Begonia to be cultivated in terrarium, on drained substrate. Provide a good hygrometry (75 to 80 %) and daily temperatures varying from 20 to 30°C.