Begonia erectocarpa

This rhizomatous begonia occurs exclusively in Tuyen Quang, province in Vietnam. It grows in evergreen lowland forest (400-700m) on the ridges of limestone and crystalline hills and on the slopes at the edge of the forest.

Its leaves have a densely hairy reddish petiole. The leaf blade is dark green (sometimes brown) and usually has white spots on its upper side, while its lower side is intensely reticulated with red. The base of the blade is cordate, its apex is subacute, its denticulated margin is bordered with red and bears short hairs.

The male and female flowers are white or pinkish white. The fruit, wingless, is cylindric.
The species name of this begonia refers to the particularity of the fruits which, when ripe, are erect.
Begonia of rather easy growing, in terrarium, with a good ambient hydrometry.