Begonia dinhdui

Magnificent rhizomatous begonia native to Vietnam. It is endemic to the mountainous province of Lam Dong.
Its name was dedicated to Dinh Thieu Du, the first to collect a specimen of this begonia at 1.200 m of altitude in primary forest, on sandstone slopes, in humid and shaded area.

The leaf blade, nicely variegated, is subsymmetrical or symmetrical. The base is cordate and the apex long acuminate, the margin wavy or finely denticulate. The upper surface is dark green to brown and light green silvery, while the lower surface is intense red and very light green. We note the presence of stipules at the base of the reddish and glabrous petiole. The flowers are white, slightly tinted of pink.

In its native environment, this begonia loses its leaves in December and goes in dormancy during the dry period that ends in February.
This superb species, whose population extends only on 1 km2, is very coveted by the collectors and thus in danger.