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Order seeds to Afabego

The AFABEGO cannot guarantee the germination of the seeds ordered; actually, many reasons may prevent it (bad storage, bad harvest, seeds too old, sowing executed in bad conditions, etc..).

Just like the seeds are identified by donors and some mistakes may happen in spite of the care we do to settle this matter.

We are asking every one of you to take part in a small contribution from 3€ to 5€ euros  for a bag. For some species, we have few seeds, so the orders will be dealed in order of arrival.


You can download the order form here

You can send your order :

    • By post box to the address :

          AFABEGO – Service des graines

          Chantal BEREAU

          17 rue du grand logis

          17870 Breuil Magné

    • By email to the address :



Download the seeds list here