Affiliated Begonia Societies

Affiliated Begonia Societies

Since several years ago, AFABEGO remains in good terms with begonia lovers societies in the world.
We receive their bulletin or newsletter and we send to them Le Bégofil.
These exchanges take place without membership payment.
They are :

• The American Begonia Society (Président : Martin Delgado)

• The Japan Begonia Society (Président : Masahiro Shiino)

• The Queensland Begonias Society (Présidente : Carmel Browne)

• The South Australian Begonia Society (Président : David Smith )

• The Begonia Society of Western Australia (Président : Trevor McGuigan)

• The Melbourne Begonia Society (Présidente : Janeen Randl

• The Association of Australian Begonia Societies (Présidente : Halina Gordon)