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 Begonia lacunosa Warburg


diversity of begonias


Begonia lacunosa is a very good illustration of the incredible variability of species in Begonia genus. Blade shape (ovate, elliptical, more or less circular, kindney-shape), blade upper surface (more or less bullate, green, dark green, black almost), nerves structure and color (more or less prominent, more or less hairy, green, dark green), margin (ciliate or not, denticulate, crenate), perianth segments color (yellow or white).

All these specimens of Begonia lacunosa grow in Gabon :

1  Doussala / Case Madre / Moukalaba-Doudou park

2  Igotchi area / Mbani river / Moukalaba-Doudou park

3/8   Ndjolé area (center of Gabon) 

4   Assok road / Crystal Mountains

5/6/9/10  Kinguélé / Crystal Mountains park

7  Kinguélé area / Crystal Mountains park