In memoriam

 Charles Jaros and Normand Dufresne death

We have told death of two learned American Begonia Society members, Charles Jaros and Normand Dufresne.

  • Charles passed away on June 23. He was the ABS President from 2012 to 2014. Since several years ago, Charles managed the Begonias U number data. He worked a lot in the begonias world and was unanimously appreciated. He leaves many many friends.

Charles Jaros

  • Normand has been gone on June 5. He was a central member of the ABS Buxton Branch who shared his knowledge of begonias, and also many cuttings and seeds. He received our Afabego journal and translated French it and scientific articles.

Normand Dufresne

The Afabego (French Begonia Society) President, all the board and all Afabego members are friendly towards American Begonia Society and Buxton Branch members and feel sad after the death of Charles and Normand.

They ask to Sally Savelle, the ABS President, to forward to their families, their most sincere condolences.