Ching-I Peng

Homage to  Ching-I Peng

by Jacky Duruisseau  


I have just heard of the death  of Ching-I Peng.

We were in touch since 2007.

Ching-I gave, exchanged, publications, informations, pictures, seeds.

Always he answered his mails.

He called it to see us with Wanling, his wife, in June 2015

I promised  them we’ll go in Taïwan

Ching-I was a friend.

Dr. Ching-I Peng was an important Asian begonias expert in Academia Sinica.

He wrote many publications about Begonias of south-east Asia.

Several Begonias were dedicated to him, as Begonia chingipengii from Luzon Island  (The Philippines) in 2014

Ching-I Peng left us after a difficult fight against illeness. 

I admire his courage, his force,  in front of death. He was a wise.

His last mail dated from February 15th and we feared the worst.

Here it is :


Dear Jacky:

Although I felt nothing wrong physically, I was hospitalized again the day before yesterday. Not good news from the doctor after bone marrow biopsy: The cancer cells made it back, if I don’t get the medical treatment, I have one month to live. With the medical treatment, I have only 5% survivorship. I am going through another chemotherapy this week. Today is Chinese New Year’s Eve. This is the first time that I have to stay in the hospital to ‘celebrate’ the Chinese New Year. Oh, well. 5% is better than nothing at all, isn’t it?

I don’t feel stressful. Just face it.

My heartfelt appreciation for your thinking of me often.

We wish you and Colette a healthy and happy Chinese New Year of Dogs.

Ching-I and Wanling